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  1. Goltarion

    Where and from what creature reptile carapace

    What about hunter lizards? no reptile carapace from those?
  2. Goltarion

    Anyone else got randomly banned?

    did you have cheat software running though, or any program that could be interpreted as cheat software by EAC?
  3. Goltarion

    Guano Model Scale Needs To Be Larger, Provide More Per Gather

    With the creative ways some scum players use to obtain boss loot, many things are gonna be more valuable...:cry:
  4. Goltarion

    Book only training to 38

    Ive had a bunch of books give less xp than they should (or just stop giving xp early?) Bad bug, very frustrating for newer players, needs to be fixed asap same as so many other things.
  5. Goltarion

    U like PvP?

    what the fuck? the guy had 2200 straight gold on him naked? 😂 probably speedhacking goldseller caught off guard?
  6. Goltarion

    What is the Downside of Archery/ MA?

    i would be less annoyed at most MAs if they would actually fight you and try to kill you instead of just shooting your horse and leave. what kind of lame ass shit gameplay is that? And if their aim is trash and their horse gets low first, guess what? They ride off safely to heal the horse and...
  7. Goltarion

    These are the biggest issues in MO2 and how to fix them

    Good suggestions. I agree with cerqo that if the cheating problem isnt fixed the rest wont matter too much. Pls SV, if you dont have enough GMs to have someone monitoring these Bosses every hour or so, you need to hire more. You surely cant rely solely on player reports for this.
  8. Goltarion

    Vote for Mounted Archery nerfs

    its a lame meta, looking forward to nerfs
  9. Goltarion

    Spinning feint moves with no stamina drain?

    You must not have seen a lot of things :LOL:
  10. Goltarion

    List the banned

    Yeah a wall of shame would be good for a community-based game like this. I hope SV implements something like that, as they have already talked about it during MO1
  11. Goltarion

    Tamer Question: Pet runs away from combat with zombies/bandits

    its probably caused by lag if youre on the mainland. If youre on Haven, no idea
  12. Goltarion


    Did anyone elses fps really go to sit since release? i get 30-40 fps in MK now on my GTX980 (Yeah i know, old hardware, what to expect...)
  13. Goltarion

    Who get what continents

    Chinese mostly want to play against non-chinese, they will play on EU/NA anyways most likely (the zergs at least) I doubt AUS and OCE would be seperate Herabalter NA sounds good to me, though i think having it at the west coast is just out of spite lol
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    uhm have you seen hardware prices in the last year? Not everyone can afford to cough up 3k€ for gaming
  15. Goltarion

    i always used granum with calx powder in the attractor and it works. Maybe you didnt have a lore...

    i always used granum with calx powder in the attractor and it works. Maybe you didnt have a lore unlocked or something?
  16. Goltarion

    The new guys are figuring it out, just a matter of time. New player Perspective

    Just curious, which sandbox MMO has this good balance youre talking about?
  17. Goltarion

    Your Favorite Songs

  18. Goltarion

    Lighting poll

    would be nice to get a word from Henrik on if lighting is gonna be reworked at some point or if this is their final version they want to go with. Maybe he already said something about it and i missed it?
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  20. Goltarion

    Lighting poll

    Im on low end hardware, the game looked fine before the lighting change, now i have even worse fps AND the game looks too bright, blurry, kinda "washed-out" and just generally less pleasing to my eyes. So i would appreciate further adjustment in that area.