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  1. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Banking in Bakti, Vadda, and Moh Ki

    I read in the faq section of the MO Discord the following: "We have made progress on the capacity issues and will be doing some testing shortly. If this goes well, we will likely be disabling some of the alts. Our system supports us to be able to add and remove alts as needed in case the need...
  2. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Looking for a NA(PST) Guild?

    You might try:
  3. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Scribing bug ?

    The 'scribe' button is disabled at 30. At 31 it is enabled. Therefore, the scroll should say 31-50, and not 30-50. It doesn't matter what the chance of scribing the scroll actually is.
  4. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Scribing bug ?

    There is a bug. Mind Blast says you have to have a minimum of 30 in scribing, but you actually need 31. Same for Magic Reflection, where it says you need a minimum of 35, but you actually need a skill of 36.
  5. Azzerhoden Razeri

    FIX Mages

    The only issue I have with magery at the moment is the extremely small margin for error when targeting something. I'm not asking for the margin to be as large as it is for issuing pet attack commands, and I know this is in part due to desync issues, but the center targeting circle has to...
  6. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Auto Kick AFKS

    So then why are you not doing anything about it? This is a full contact game. Push the AFKers out of town and let nature take its course.
  7. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Auto Kick AFKS

    The first solution is easily avoided with macros or running into a wall. The other suggestions do not work in a full loot, PvP game. That is, unless you are ok with being logged out when you are being chased and getting easily killed. And to stop your next argument before you make it (just...
  8. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Hot Fix Patch Notes Discussion

    Still a queue to get into Myrland, and a crash on top of it, so there are definitely still issues here. You can now only bring a total of 3 gold from Haven. Lowered the sell price on haven bandit heads to 25s (was 80s). You now need to have your clade gifts at level 2 before you can leave...
  9. Azzerhoden Razeri

    HotFix Patch Discussion

    There are so many factors that go into a fight that small advantages from the clade gifts make little difference. Hell, distance from the server has more of an impact than the slight buffs from clades. So does a single miscalculation with stam management. The bottom line is that there is no...
  10. Azzerhoden Razeri

    HotFix Patch Discussion

    From what I have seen, its 100, 120, 130, 310, 340. Not sure I have it in me to keep chewing away at this, and the breakdown from 1-5 makes me wonder as to whether the level of the previously selected glade gift influxes the next level point cost. I chose a level 1, then a level 2, a level 3...
  11. Azzerhoden Razeri

    HotFix Patch Discussion

    Really? No one is going to compliment SV or add any comments on this change? Improved female soft body physics performance. Not sure if this is a true change, or a joke buried in the patch notes......
  12. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Seriously why no NA server?? Big mistake..

    lol - great troll posts
  13. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Recent Events in Bakti

    Did the participants have fun? If so, then its a win.
  14. Azzerhoden Razeri

    What's the point of the criminal system when it doesn't work?

    The core of the discussion is around mechanics that only one game has ever successfully resolved. Not getting this right drives players away and once that happens, there is almost no chance to get them back. There is nothing wrong with players who want to PvP being able to engage with anyone...
  15. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Another Stress Test before release is needed

    What is the purpose of the stress test you are proposing? To test server load? I think the previous stress test probably provided enough data regarding the changes made from the previous stress test. Having another stress test to gauge the success of the last round of changes might be a good...
  16. Azzerhoden Razeri

    I just tired of all the tedious time wasting in this game.

    Completely agree. The travel time is meaningful. Sure, it can be boring, but when running multiple stacks of material from point A to point B, it's also an opportunity for others to intercept the shipment. Faster travel times reduce those opportunities. I think the real issue is either (a)...
  17. Azzerhoden Razeri

    Remove Town Gathering

    I believe it was called Belrim?
  18. Azzerhoden Razeri

    I just tired of all the tedious time wasting in this game.

    This is one of the 3 core reasons I never really played MO1. That said, this version does not feel as difficult, though that may very well be because of the current settings around skills/stats and such. I'll also add that, like many of you, I have not been playing nearly as much as I had...
  19. Azzerhoden Razeri

    No Thievery on Release?

    To many arm-chair developers adding opinions with no basis in reality. Perhaps a review of The Mythical Man-Month will sort them out. For those too lazy to even read the wiki article: "Therefore, assigning more programmers to a project running behind schedule will make it even later." I'm...
  20. Azzerhoden Razeri

    I just tired of all the tedious time wasting in this game.

    Losing weight is an issue though. Well, except for Oghmir who can smoke a bowl to burn through some heath reserves. The issue with the current health reserve system is that its not tied to stamina reserves in any fashion. When stamina reserves are low then health reserves should be...