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  1. Bicorps

    Do you want the game to wipe?

    idc much about wipe but the map is obviously too big and badly design for the size. For me its the biggest problem
  2. Bicorps

    Can We Give Horses More Stamina?

    They cant increase speed .. server can barely keep up with the actual speed. Map is simply too big... like I said day1(I was wrong apparently). all they had to do is to keep another continent on the side(that u can also spawn from haven) if they had too much population on launch.(hosted on...
  3. Bicorps

    I like...

    They dont read forum anymore tho, just saying, only twitch chat. (Shame)
  4. Bicorps

    I like...

    I like foot roam.... wait... it doesn't exist in mo2...
  5. Bicorps

    MO Dreamin'

    Finally veteran start to speak up... I like it. I was so tired to see people sucking off SV instead of giving them HONEST Feedback so we can progress in the right way.(Even if its too late ) They keep listening to the wrong people again and again... its quite awkward... and when a vet tell...
  6. Bicorps

    Disable tamed pets because overpowered and unfair

    Henwik: "We gonna have very pawafull pet in tha game" me: MO1 PTSD popping up.
  7. Bicorps

    It's Been Fun But This Game Will Die Soon

    500 in that huge ass map .. not for me.
  8. Bicorps

    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    I have quite a good knowledge about how koto operate... since im beta Kelly. SV does patch base on Koto comment nothing new. Like the patch they added loosing standing if u aggro a guard was koto sending 1000 private msg to devs crying about us killing 50 horse in 2 day and we didnt do it...
  9. Bicorps

    Former veteran of Mortal Online

    Still worth playing with no sub right now. When sub came out population gonna have a hard drop so... enjoy it for the time it last.
  10. Bicorps

    Former veteran of Mortal Online

    like way worst, quite a shame because mo1 combat was awesome. The funny part is SV dont understand why we say that.
  11. Bicorps

    Have they removed guards from inside Graveyard yet ??

    u mean the gy of meduli, perfect for a nub like u isn't ? u gonna stay noob long time farming in safe zone.
  12. Bicorps

    Have they removed guards from inside Graveyard yet ??

    gy is not a noob zone, Haven is the noob zone, the fact u dont know that make u a noob. There is no such a thing as a newb zone on myrland, the newbs have an entire island to nub around.
  13. Bicorps

    Patch Notes Discussion

    we use to feedback every bad patch but it never did anything, they dont care and they also dont understand the game they are developing because they dont play it.
  14. Bicorps

    MO2 an Anti-PVP PVP Game

    To an idiot that have no idee what his talking about.
  15. Bicorps

    MO2 an Anti-PVP PVP Game

    Just let it die... no point to argue with a bunch of clueless pve newbs.
  16. Bicorps

    30 Second PvP Timer Rule

    There is no such a thing as "griefing" in a PvP open world TERRITORY CONTROL game. If they want CONTROLE an area, they can. You guys have just a very low understanding of the game.
  17. Bicorps

    Bring back Fabernum Red Priest

    Dont argue with nub, just ignore them.
  18. Bicorps

    MO2 Is stacked in favour of RPK

    Its because the Fulmination magic effect is NOT right. on MO1 we knew when we get fulminate, it does an effect and noise. On MO2 u have to watch your HP Bar for Fulm Cooldown which is totally.... *&?*[email protected]#.
  19. Bicorps

    horse die with no noise in pvp

    80% of the time I fight in this game there is sound bug, sound get delay or not existant at all. Very anoying in a ''Competitive PvP'' Game.