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  1. barcode

    I'm having such a hard time with Bounty hunting

    perhaps there should be some kind of consolation prize if you use a bird within x many meters and y many minutes of where/when your bounty has logged out, to show that you made a good faith effort to attempt to find them. a refund for the contract or something? not sure what could be done for...
  2. barcode

    Game exits to title screen

    a poor network connection can have this effect as well. it would be nice if the game gave some feedback as to why it was disconnecting, so if it *is* network trouble (or whatever else can cause this), the user can attempt to fix it. -barcode
  3. barcode

    MO Dreamin'

    i'm willing to guess that their server code is a pile of junk. maybe its because it was written back when they had no idea what they were doing pre-mo1 release. maybe its because they inherited the code from whatever atlas project epic china was developing and maybe the codebase for that was...
  4. barcode

    GM Tickets and Processes (Updated - June 6th 2022)

    how exactly would the system know if you hit someone 'by accident' or not? how would a GM know after-the-fact? -barcode
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    A portion of the broker tax should be moved to on fill instead of order creation

    this has been brought up before, there should be a small deposit you make when listing an item. if it sells, you pay the tax and get the deposit back. if it doesn't sell, you lose the deposit. The idea (in my mind) is to make the barrier to selling as low as possible so more people are willing...
  6. barcode

    Anyone else ever get bugged out stats staying at (99%)?

    pretty sure you can safely ignore it. its likely part of how sv has no idea how to sanitize whatever floating point implementation they've got -barcode
  7. barcode

    OpenSesame - House PWs Stray MO from its Roots

    yes, perhaps i left it ambiguous but i meant that when someone used their password their *character* would /say it in local chat -barcode
  8. barcode

    OpenSesame - House PWs Stray MO from its Roots

    what if passwords had to be spoken, like in local chat (or perhaps a bit less far ranging but if you were hidden near the house you could possibly overhear) -barcode
  9. barcode

    Where's the "full" in this full-loot-pvp-game?

    yes it certainly smells of poor coding on the server side. they mentioned before how the pickables (think seadew or cavolo, where the 'actor' is removed when the item is picked) were taking up a lot of server resources which seemed odd to me since the server isnt really doing much with them but...
  10. barcode

    Fish encyclopedia

    roe was a decent sophistication food back in mo1. soph doesnt really exist in mo2. no idea if sv plans to bring it back or what -barcode
  11. barcode

    *You need to stable your pet before you can conduct business in this town*

    you go out farming and have 6 stacks of whatever in your bags. how would you get these into your bank if you cant use the banker while your mount is about? -barcode
  12. barcode

    Buildable Walls

    walls were a cancer in mo1, and a mistake henrik is not likely to repeat. that being said, i dont see why there cant be *some* defensive structures, but something that acts more like a delay or deterrant than something requiring a siege to traverse. why not allow for some kind of Cheval_de_frise...
  13. barcode

    Fish encyclopedia

    fishing depth is misleading because its only half of the equation. you also need the depth of the body of water which is tricky and hard to keep consistant. even with (what i think are at least) identical throws i can reduce my fishing depth by a few hundred cm and randomly hit the bottom. blood...
  14. barcode

    Fish encyclopedia

    tephra only in tephra crater.... blast furnace only in gk... honestly the minor limitation to fishing is pretty tame by comparison since you only need to bring your monies to the jungle camp once and you'll have enough hooks and line for the rest of your days and again as stated earlier...
  15. barcode

    No more players in charge of company matters

    agreed. being a player may give them some insight into the community but it also gives them massive bias and absolutely no way for them to truly remain impartial -barcode
  16. barcode

    Myrland Instancing NA

    so many questions.... will we be able to queue into the new continents directly or will we have to login thru the main queue (for our toons already in myrland) and then switch to one of the new instances? do haven toons get to choose which myrland instance to go to? is there a timer for how...
  17. barcode

    We were informed a week ago that the servers can handle over 100k people

    i have my doubts that sv will be able to truly fix the situation without some major changes including a dynamic load range. as more and more people congregate together in cities (or in battles), the load on the server is not a linear increase but an exponential one. Some way of restricting...
  18. barcode

    Login Queue

    i assume its the same as it was during the stress tests. your client attempts to connect periodically and if at the time you attempt to connect the server's load is low enough it lets you in. first come first served? i doubt it -barcode
  19. barcode

    Movement speed breakdown?

    move speed / sprint speed its not a fraction or other complicated number, just a compact way to display the two -barcode
  20. barcode

    Cooking and alchemy, do you need 100?

    an interesting question... both of them also have 'advanced' skills as subskills so how will they affect things? these resulting items have no durability so its not clear how it should behave -barcode