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  1. cerqo

    Battle Royale / Battle Grounds / Arena

    Mortal Royale was pretty fun for the short time it existed. It would have been even more fun with group que. Eventually it would be cool if a battle royale minigame would be implemented into MO2, a lot of content that gets people logging in every day, actual stuff to do. Its for sure a huge...
  2. cerqo

    2h sword right swing

    This attack is broken and half the time goes straight through someone's body. It appears that for whatever reason half the fucking blade hitbox disappears when doing a right swing. Very easy to reproduce. You grab a 2h sword, charge a right swing, look at the ground and try to swing through...
  3. cerqo

    Trading and inventory system

    Why are these systems so incredibly buggy? These are core systems that should be the first things to be fixed and smooth. Every single time you trade someone the trade cancels like 3 fucking times before you can actually start trading?? Your inventory has like 2-3 invisible slots half the...
  4. cerqo

    Improvements to the bounty hunting system

    The bounty hunting system was a good addition to the game and an actual worthy piece of content. Looking past that, I believe some things need to be changed for this system to not fall off incredibly in a few months. First off. There should be a range limit for how far your bounty can be...
  5. cerqo

    The Ranked Arena

    So Henrik has already talked about this in some stream chats and hopefully, this is more realistic than the boats. The arena was added in MO1 as well and honestly, the implementation wasn't great, clearly, there was a different idea behind the arena in MO1 but from what Henrik has been saying...
  6. cerqo

    Will necromancy have DKs again

    I have tried asking Henrik during his streams many times whether the DKs will make a comeback with necromancy and he has avoided the question every time, answering my other questions that I ask in the same sentence, etc. Henrik talked about how with necromancy you will be able to make undead...
  7. cerqo

    Weapon speed buff needs to go

    Just putting my feedback out there. Increasing the weapon speed so much the last patch for low weight weapons literally invalidates anything SV has tried to do with "ping normalization" on top of promoting braindead spamming. Also regarding steel weapon speed, i think the SLIGHT increase in...
  8. cerqo

    This game needs INSTANCING

    The main server will NEVER be able to handle the ammount of players SV is aiming for, its technologically impossible. The only way the game can work and sustain a normal playerbase is if it gets instanced in one way or another. Like instancing towns or more. Alt server gets disabled, main...
  9. cerqo


    We are a hardcore PVP guild. Our goal is to be the best, individually and as a group. We look for players with the same mindset. The only people who will be getting a shot at this point are people who show potential or are already established, focusing duels and parrying for melee players. As a...
  10. cerqo

    Horses running away on failed tame

    Allright so. Is there a SINGLE player who doesnt hate this terrible garbage mechanic? You fail to tame a horse once and the whole spawn dissapears in every direction? Is this supposed to be for realism sake? Why do the horses not just instantly run when you get close to them then? This...
  11. cerqo

    Are we going to talk about the ninja stam changes AGAIN?

    It is very obvious that stamina has been changed and mangled again since we got the reverts in beta. The last changes to stamina were never put in any patch notes in beta. Not sure if this is an oversight that happened when moving from beta to persistence or if it was intentional, but i think...
  12. cerqo

    Are the terrible beta stam changes back in the game?

    Did we do an oopsie and accidentally introduce those trash changes back in when the game released? Stamina feels terrible. Needs massive regen and overall buffs.
  13. cerqo

    Why the f*** do we not have an AFK auto-kick yet?

    Even if there are very simple ways to get around something like that. JUST having a fking autokick on people that have stood still for like 30 minutes with no inputs would open up so much room. Half the server online at any given time is probably people that are asleep and cant be fucked...
  14. cerqo

    Put every single blue town (guardzone) into an instance.

    Lets be realistic. It is very unlikely these server problems will ever get fixed because it is unfeasible to fix it. Billion dollar companies have not pulled off this many people on a single server, with anywhere near the complexity that this games regular play has. Sure there are games out...
  15. cerqo

    Placed a simple house chest in house - main chest no longer works

    I placed a simple house chest in my house next to the main one, now my main chest no longer works even after taking the simple chest out, cannot take items out, and items that are put in disappear. How do you fix this trash? I heard this bug was happening in beta. All the items in my house are...
  16. cerqo

    Every friday or every other friday turn off the guards in a certain town

    We have seen todays fights at Fabernum, it would be nice if this was something that happened consistently. Could cycle between different towns, would bring tons of fun pvp and content.
  17. cerqo

    Put the time in to add functionality to help big streamers advertise the game on release.

    Add the possibility to whitelist accounts so you can whitelist big streamers on persistence, instead of them sitting in Q for 6 hours as Asmongold did during the first stress test. Add the possibility to boost account skill gains by like 100x or 1000x. No streamer will put in the effort to max...
  18. cerqo

    Is anything going to be done about people with trash connections?

    Is anything going to be done about the absolutely shameless rats, who most of the time are EU players, playing on absolutely garbage connections with like 50% packet loss? It's borderline cheating and every day I just see more and more people like that. To be honest, even Australian players that...
  19. cerqo

    Equipment hits on weapons.

    Can we get rid of this complete RNG garbage mechanic? There should be no equipment hits unless you hit a shield.
  20. cerqo

    Revert the recent stam changes

    Whatever was changed, intentionally please revert cause stam penalties is an absolute terrible direction to go in. Game is already ridiculously zerg friendly, stam penalties only make the game more zerg friendly. If this is a bug, I guess it wont be getting fixed anytime soon. Could it be that...