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    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    So what your saying is if your part of a big guild or alliance you don't represent the community. According to you you have to live in gk or next to the fab graveyard then your part of the "community." So what exactly in your opinion makes a person able to vote on this to make it "organic"...
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    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    It's OK I get it your feelings are hurt you have to pvp and it's harder to have your safe space, but I want you to know your feelings are valid.
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    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    Why do you want a 100% safe zone? Like do you want instance houses? Might as well. Dude wants to play a full loot pvp game but wants a safe zone.
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    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    Man alot of people really need safe spaces. No where on the map should there be a 100% safe zone. Even in towns if you really wanted to you could kill someone, but the ones who talk the most shit need this safe space so bad.
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    WuTANGisFOREVER TOWER of DOOM completed.

    Dude paid $40 and a sub soon to play with virtual horses lol
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    No Siege yet? Give doors hitpoints

    I'm 100% for this. The house is the new guard zone for alot of people/guilds and if they know they're gonna lose they just combat log in it. Seen it so many times.
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    Poll to revert priest changes.

    Well to be fair slaughtering noobs in vender gear in the gy isn't really pvp and that's the entire reason this dumbest priest thing was done. From most of the people I've seen comment here has said "I'll kill every noob I see unless *insert request here* is done" so you kinda shot yourselves in...
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    Early views from a new player

    Awesome feedback and thanks for taking the time to post it. Devs do read these so it's very helpful
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    Huh? You commented first. So your on a forum for a game you don't play saying anyone who still plays lacks validity in their opinions. You literally wasted your time to come here while saying this has no promise and you don't play.
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    Once you said wigsplitters your opinion was invalid. The only guild in mo2 where half the members we caught cheating and hacking and were banned, but thank you for your input.
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    Who are you in game? And who's your community?
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    No it's a video game lol people play it to have fun and sitting in town isn't fun for us. If that's your game play I'm not gonna knock it cause it's what you enjoy we like fighting in the other 99% of the map. Pretty sure it's the people afraid to come outside the town that look like pussy...
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    Not feared there's nothing gain for us. If they had assets to destroy and take thats a different story but what are we gonna do with bone tissue armor and crap weapons. There's nothing fun about killing them then priest camping. We like leaving towns going on roams to get our kills and other...
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    We just don't care lol we'll continue killing you out in the world. Business as usual
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    Or you could just fight us on 99.9% of the map? Or with your skill level are you only capable of fighting inside towns?
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    Lol making stuff up again tzone? Don't you not even play anymore? Pretty sure the videos posted by other people of us showing up to that tindrem siege and Henriks stream prove that your full of shit lol
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    Bounty System

    Hey I have an idea for the bounty system and wanna get some feedback on it. So I've heard alot of people talking about the bounty system and my thoughts on it and how it would work with the less amount of cheesing is making its reputation based. As in if someone loses a certain amount of...
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    Wtf How is the Development progressively getting worse? Broker not working,Guards not working, Stables not working, even Ui problems and Clade Resets?

    Since the last patch I've been getting desync, stuttering, rubberbanding like crazy, horse dismount problems where I get stuck all of which I had none of before it
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    NPC town black list Yes/No

    Quick question how long did you play mo1 for?
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    Why your PvP Enthusiast stop playing and wont come back

    Tzone we don't agree on much but you do make some good points, there is ways to counter everything but we went up against a squad that had 3 mages in it my combat log was thunder,thunder corrupt, full, flamstrike, dead. There was literally nothing I could do about it. The only thing that sv...