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  1. cerqo

    Do you want the game to wipe?

    TBH i could care less if they wipe. Sure it would be fun to start over again and it would bring back some activity, but in reality it would fix absolutely nothing. Wiping or re-rolling due to dupes would make sense in a working game, but MO1 was so retardedly dupe ridden its a joke, and this...
  2. cerqo

    Battle Royale / Battle Grounds / Arena

    Mortal Royale was pretty fun for the short time it existed. It would have been even more fun with group que. Eventually it would be cool if a battle royale minigame would be implemented into MO2, a lot of content that gets people logging in every day, actual stuff to do. Its for sure a huge...
  3. cerqo

    1vX suggestions

    Deff need WAY more anti-zerg mechanics. As someone pointed out, consecutive hits can backfire. The stamina on death is prolly good, but considering the fact you lack enough fucking stamina to kill people in this game might not help much. Doubling stamina pool would literally make the game way...
  4. cerqo

    Former veteran of Mortal Online

    Just a bunch of random dribble. "Early MO1" was not skillbased, everyone was just shit at the game. I dont think ive ever seen the fucking "living their best highschool days" as bad as the kids that were in myrmidons. Im sorry to break it to you dawg, but your guild was shit, you were farming...
  5. cerqo

    Former veteran of Mortal Online

    I assume theres a reason u didnt try to explain why anything i said was wrong cause you probably cant come up with any good arguments. Combat is more skillbased, game is more ping dependent and the biggest problem in the game is zerg friendlyness right now. I think the funniest shit ever is the...
  6. cerqo

    2h sword right swing

    This attack is broken and half the time goes straight through someone's body. It appears that for whatever reason half the fucking blade hitbox disappears when doing a right swing. Very easy to reproduce. You grab a 2h sword, charge a right swing, look at the ground and try to swing through...
  7. cerqo

    Former veteran of Mortal Online

    Late MO1 combat was literal dumsptertrash dogshit, even worse than the zerg friendlyness, pets, mages etc. in this game. You had DK's with 9999 HP doing 40s with ranged attacks and MC hitting for 70s etc etc etc. It is hard to say if we are moving in the right or wrong direction. SV are letting...
  8. cerqo

    Trading and inventory system

    Why are these systems so incredibly buggy? These are core systems that should be the first things to be fixed and smooth. Every single time you trade someone the trade cancels like 3 fucking times before you can actually start trading?? Your inventory has like 2-3 invisible slots half the...
  9. cerqo

    make map smaller

    Lmao its crazy seeing how many roleplayers are defending this huge map size.
  10. cerqo

    Improvements to the bounty hunting system

    The bounty hunting system was a good addition to the game and an actual worthy piece of content. Looking past that, I believe some things need to be changed for this system to not fall off incredibly in a few months. First off. There should be a range limit for how far your bounty can be...
  11. cerqo

    Too Anti-Solo

    Apart from the fact that this kid doesnt realise that only the buff duration stacks, yes the general point is true. Game is WAYY too zerg friendly and needs to stop catering 0 skill zerging and start focusing on smallscale PvP and 1vX.
  12. cerqo

    Equipment hits on weapons.

    Still the worst combat mechanic in the game currently.
  13. cerqo

    PVP community MO1

    Yes lets return to MO1 which has the exact same flagging and murder system except if you are red you have no chance whatsoever to go into town.
  14. cerqo

    SPinning / twisty animation pvp bad

    Get hits in on anyone good at blocking with just feinting :ROFLMAO::LOL::LOL: Using steel weapon :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: This is the same kind of retards who think that blocking regular non parry returns is hard :LOL::LOL::LOL: Anyone that blocks all of their...
  15. cerqo

    The Ranked Arena

    It would only be pointless if TC is pointless, which it shouldnt be so its up to SV to make it not pointless to leave town. Also RP Andy and his boys with the whole "start your own arena" shit can go ahead and start their own, I mean we had an arena for that in MO1, it worked out so well right.
  16. cerqo

    SPinning / twisty animation pvp bad

  17. cerqo

    The Ranked Arena

    So Henrik has already talked about this in some stream chats and hopefully, this is more realistic than the boats. The arena was added in MO1 as well and honestly, the implementation wasn't great, clearly, there was a different idea behind the arena in MO1 but from what Henrik has been saying...
  18. cerqo

    SPinning / twisty animation pvp bad

    I never understood how kids can have such a hard time turning their camera. I play on 800 dpi with 18 ingame sens and have no problem. I have a large dining table as a gaming desk tho cause im not poor so that might be it.
  19. cerqo

    SPinning / twisty animation pvp bad

    So since ppl are shit and dont want to learn the game, the game should get changed so they can compete? Thats basically what im getting here. Also, if you need max DPI to be able to spin your camera around 360 degrees, then idunno what to tell you ur just shit at video games i guess or need to...
  20. cerqo

    Will necromancy have DKs again

    I have tried asking Henrik during his streams many times whether the DKs will make a comeback with necromancy and he has avoided the question every time, answering my other questions that I ask in the same sentence, etc. Henrik talked about how with necromancy you will be able to make undead...