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  1. Amelia

    Who actually thought this would be different.

    I hoped. The thing that surprised me Is that they dont started from zero to build the game, they have already a lot ready but seem do the same errors of mo1.
  2. Amelia

    die Horse

    In game
  3. Amelia

    die Horse

    Contact a GM, probably he can help you.
  4. Amelia

    Hey PKs - use mercy mode to ransom. It will help keep players around, and has benefits for you.

    I like it ,it's something of role playing style.
  5. Amelia


    😮 @Speznat may I try It ? 😁
  6. Amelia

    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    I dont know if already said but also Need a lootable key .
  7. Amelia

    WTB House

    Is It possible?
  8. Amelia

    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    Yes too long, also you must dismount to interact with the door and then remount to enter into the house, then again dismount to close . And dont forget to set the mount on "stay" or he'll go outside.
  9. Amelia

    New weapon idea: The Fish

    Ok but only with a doublefish weapon.
  10. Amelia

    Fish encyclopedia

    Angelo calxfish Is good for DH potions, probably other fishes for cooking too .
  11. Amelia

    What other alternatives to MO2 do we have?

    I Always ask to myself why no other companyes ever try to copy these features from MO .
  12. Amelia

    Mortal Online2 - win64- shipping.exe error

    Today I have this message when try to login . Thank for any help
  13. Amelia

    OpenSesame - House PWs Stray MO from its Roots

    While I am not a pk, I must agree with you. I likes the old mo1 Key system and chests. I find The actual One confused and complex ( password, different tyoe of chests). Another try to make this game more Easy and safe to play. Onestly I dont like It.
  14. Amelia

    What other alternatives to MO2 do we have?

    There are No First Person view, full loot, seamless open world that I know.
  15. Amelia

    Guides and Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced Players | Wolfszeit

    Oh ...he Is not a robot then ..😁
  16. Amelia

    Faith in humanity restored.

    Yes,different kinds of playstyle. Some "good" some "bad". I prefer the first one but we need both, you know.
  17. Amelia

    Guides and Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced Players | Wolfszeit

    For the dragon you Need a ring to go invisibile and steal his treasure! 😉
  18. Amelia


    @Ibarruri why you dont consider a religious figure like a pope or something ?
  19. Amelia

    Introducing Community Scenarios

    Interesting. I would like to see some boss controlled by SV staff like in MO1.