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  1. Anabolic Man

    New Players should be told to stay in Heaven in the first days.

    There will be chaos and all guilds fighting for Risar and Bandit camps to set up their keep. The Meduli Herald Journalists at the release day of Mortal Online XD Firery but mostly peaceful protests in all towns after the big slughter at verious Banditcamps.
  2. Anabolic Man

    Let´s declare every Tuesday to be the Tindrem Sewer PVP day.

    Every Guild should bring upto 10 players and fight each other. The guild holding the sewer the longest time wins. Who would be down fot that. Any Guilds interested ?
  3. Anabolic Man

    Nerf Mounted Archer PvE, Introduce Carcass Quality

    Body shots with a bow should reduce the ammount of materials you can get from killing an animal ! It would be more fun, if you have to give the animals headshots with your bow, to get the maxumum ammount of carcass or the best Quality of carcass. The best option would be to add different...
  4. Anabolic Man

    What about a Spell that increase the precast timer for the next spell, so that the hybrid have more time before he must release his spell ?

    If you precast the spell and stand a bit further on range it take like 5-10 Seconds to reach the enemy. Then you have 10 seconds time to release the spell till it drops. Many times i can do 2-3 hits before you have to release the Spell. I think the Hybrid would be more fun if he could attack 2-4...
  5. Anabolic Man

    Meaningful War Suggestion

    It should cost money to start the war and accept the war, if the guild already have an active war. Maybe you should be able to set the kill range from 100-400 Kills ? What does the community think about that Idea ? Wouldn´t that be more fun ? Second Idea would be a triggered war if someone...
  6. Anabolic Man

    Patchday but still no buff to 1 h Sword :(

    The 1 Handed sword consume like 20 % more stamina while running as my Katana witht he same weight ! Why ? Becuase SV think that every player will use them together with a shield ? why not let the shield consume more stamina if running in Combatmode ? Becuase it would effect mages. The game need...
  7. Anabolic Man

    Spitits looks like jellyfish- Optical suggestion.

    I never played a spiritist in MO1, but they seemed to looked more like spirits. In MO2 they look like jellyfish. Think they should look more like on those pictures. But this is just a visual suggestion. I think SV should reuse their current spitit model for the underwaterworld.
  8. Anabolic Man

    The Beastmasters and the needed adjustments. (Feedback after long training session against a Beastmaster)

    Here my Beastmaster Feedback. Taming was not a part of the Combat alpha and that´s why this Build need some feedback. Here some footage. The problem is the time between the attacks of the animal. I have nearly no time between the attacks to hit the player. More variety is good, if someone want...
  9. Anabolic Man

    New Player Quick Start Guide

    What is Mortal Online 2 ? Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox MMO developed by Starvault in a fantasy world with thousands of players, open dungeons, world bosses, first-person combat and territorial PVP wars. Defeat terrifying creatures and dungeons, build your own house, your own fortress, conquer...
  10. Anabolic Man

    A tungsteel handel should have much more durability as steel. Only 20 more then steel is a joke, compared how expencive tungsteel is.

    All said in the Titel. Tungsteel is much harder to get. I want sell legendary swords and 198 dura is not very much, if you invest a high end material for the handel. I think a tungsteel handel should nearly have twice the dura, because you could craft 2 tungsteel swords with 175 Dura from...
  11. Anabolic Man

    What does the game need to get popular ? Which mechanics should have priority ?

    The game is not even released yet and that is why it have a kinda low population atm. I have many friends who told me that they played many early access games and rather want toexperience the full experiance, to not get burned out before all the mechanics are added. Some told me that they want...
  12. Anabolic Man

    Map Feedback. The dungens are distributed unfairly. The way is too long from some cities. We need more strategic located Dungens

    Here my recommendation where SV should place additional Dungens, so that every city and keep can reach one of the dungen in a fair ammout of time. The travel/PVE time must be balanced. The purple circles marking existing dungens and the red circle highlight the areas, where SV should add...
  13. Anabolic Man

    Mining with Daggers and Torches looks wired and should not be possible

    I think it is immersion breaking.
  14. Anabolic Man

    Arena Feedback (People can interfer in the fights using a bow shooting players from the Spectator Area)

    Let the guards only enter the Spectator area without a weapon. This should also apply for the Taverns, so players can play the gambel games, as soon as they get released.
  15. Anabolic Man

    Buff 1 handed Swords

    I think the piercing damage should be a bit buffed on 1 handed Swords. Swords does not deal weakspots and i think the piercing damage shoudl be as high as the slashing damage + blunt damage on 1 handed swords, so that the thrust attacks deal the same damage as the swings or slightly less. The 1...
  16. Anabolic Man

    Rip General Buttnaked. The Name is 2 letters too long after the Patch :(

    I find this really sad, becuase i build up some reputation on that name.
  17. Anabolic Man

    Some inspiration for roman Towns/Ruins/Houses and maybe some future updates of Tindrem

    somehow tindrem is somehow packed with too many objects. All houses are luxurious. I think it needs more monumantal buildings and a lot of space. But that's just my opinion. I like all the other cities very much. The Romans always built a lot of very tall buildings. I think fewer buildings and...
  18. Anabolic Man

    First Meduli Poker Event with 100 Gold entry fee

    What is your favorite gambling game ? Make your Vote count ! In this stream Minute 23 Henrick talks about Roleplay features and gambling games. Gambling is still not ingame...
  19. Anabolic Man

    SV announced that tamers get skills for pets, that can be drawn in the Hotbar to balance them. Here my suggestion for skills and how to balance pets.

    Atm Pets like white Bears are Op. Skills could balance them. Pets need to be nerfed and we need get abilities to boost their effectiveness 1. I think we need wounded animals to move slower. 2. I think we need an exhaustion mechanic for pets. A bear could gain stamina if he hits a player and...