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    MO2 flagging and rep system take the fun out of MO

    As much as I enjoy the safety of towns and crafting within them I do have to agree. I'd like to have spots within cities that are more unsafe and where the dodgy hoodlums can choose to live. This would also incetivise guilds that claim the city to have their own patrols around town as well...
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    Mortal Online 2 for Console

    I don't think you can just a release a game on a console that cannot be played without a keyboard and mouse. Just because it's possible doesn't mean that Xbox is just going to allow the release of a game that says "yeah, this isn't playable with your controllers". They would for sure require the...
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    Mailing items to other towns

    It sounds like an interesting mechanic but I don't see it fitting this game. It would remove value from the traders, mercenaries and other similar playstyles that depend on the transport of goods. If it would be implemented it would need to be heavily restricted imo.
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    Server Wipe Question

    It's up on the Steam store page now.
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    Server Wipe Question

    I don't know if you are still here but they just recently pushed back persistence until January 2022. So if you do get in on the action now you can play for 39$ at least until February 2022.
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    I tried to enjoy MO2 REALLY HARD, but I failed...

    I like the lack of "interface" stuff like grouping. Makes the group making organic and limitless. Also it highlights that I really need to trust my group. Having a group function could protect me, but that wouldn't be Mortal. 😁
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    Server Wipe Question

    Also you get the 1 month sub with it. But yeah, it's up to you. I donated in April and so had quite a few months of play time and got a lot more for my moneys worth than I expected. At this point it's more about how much do you value aquiring in game knowledge before release. The experience...
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    There has to be Housing at release

    I agree that housing should be in at persistence and that it should be delayed until we have it. Personally though I find enough enjoyment in the game as it is and will play it. I do hope we get at least some hints like skills before launch that ensures housing in the next patch after...
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    Need NA servers

    There is no need to guess. There is financial information on their website. It is in swedish though, which I don't speak. But again, that is 11 full time employees which doesn't cover external workforce by either freelancers or other software developers. The fur solution (gFur) alone is an...
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    Need NA servers

    You do realize there is more than a server cost to maintaining an MMO? They have to pay their employees, the company bills, software licenses, hardware upgrades, various office equipment, etc. And all of that in Sweden of all places. Personally I'm not against the server being located on the...
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    MO2 Broke Me and my Friend’s Mice Cursor. Serious Problem!

    Haven't heard of someone else having this problem. I hope you manage to uncover what is wrong and recover from it. Try checking the CPU and GPU as @bbihah suggested.
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    Me and my friends like the game. But paying monthly fees is unrealistic.

    As unfortunate as the situation is they do have to calculate how much revenue they need to sustain the game and how much to charge. It's a struggle with every business. Regional prices have their risk of abuse but if SV decides it is worth it they will implement it. That decision is not up to us...
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    New players are getting confused about how to leave Haven.

    Right. Which is why I think that improving the NPC tutor dialogues is more of a way to go than a linear tutorial. At least that is how I understood your suggestion. Even having a quest like line to craft a piece of armor I think would be nice, but not with the usual markers above heads. The...
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    New players are getting confused about how to leave Haven.

    I think Haven does need a clearer way to direct people to Nave. The portals sound nice. Maybe they could be incorporated into the statues so that they are holding said portals with a faint image of the cities as the destination. I am not so sure about a guided tutorial. Haven is an area where...
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    How to link Steam Stress test account with new MO2 account?

    Not sure how that works. I think some of the official staff might have some answers. If you don't get an answer here try contacting them on Discord.
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    End the Spins

    I think anything that removes a players ability to move or fight is a bad suggestion. They had turn caps in Alpha and it was abused in duels and in group fights especially. A shield bash defense break sounds interesting to me. A debuff is the something I could see working with a possibility to...
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    End the Spins

    I like these types of suggestions. I wouldn't limit player mobility or implement a turn cap. Applying a debuff after the move seems fair. There is still a fighting chance that way if you miss as a spinner, or if someone runs past you and you are unable to turn. You land a spinning hit and then...
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    End the Spins

    What if... when you turn for more than 360 degrees under 2 second you deal half the damage you normally would for a few seconds?
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    What to do in game?

    Also always keep in mind it is a social game. Many different people are in this game. Some play it heavily for the PvP, some like trading and making money, some build empires together and some are crafters for hire, etc. My advice would be to find a group of people you enjoy playing with. It...
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    Daily Log in Bonus?✔️ Friend Referral?✔️ Spin the Wheel?✔️🎡 Ways to keep players coming back, day after day! 💰💰💰

    True. I guess I let my emotions get the better of me and forgot about the place where the suggestions came from. It just saddens me to see people wanting to tamper this much with the fundamentals of the game.