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    We need stamina for combat pets

    Combat Pets are completely broken right now and that is not just because of stamina.! And for me they NEED to fix this before persistence or we are fked. - The damage is very high and constant. People talk about the white bear being "rare" n "elite" but have u tried fighting a max lvl brown...
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    Must have Veterinarian before persistence

    I am pretty sure its coming before persistence.
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    Delay Release

    Absolutely agree. MO2 doesn't currently fulfill the minimum standards that are needed for a game to ask box+sub in 2021. Plain and simple. I understand everything that Hen says about money, payrolls, investors etc but one horrific launch will be enough for "game over"! Do not risk it!
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    Was one character per account a mistake?

    Having 1 slot is one of the very few things i loved about darkfall and the things that brought with it. I think its gonna be cool in mo2 also. That is IF (and thats a big IF) they can make it so every character is viable to enjoy aspects of the game solo.. So yes, solo mage pve should be fixed...