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  1. Nisse

    Death Rattle

    I am having fun every time I log in. I don’t have the ability to do most of what people would consider the “real content” like the harder dungeons and obviously sieges are a major missing piece, but I still find plenty to keep my interest.
  2. Nisse

    CM's Role

    MO GMs don’t play, for good reasons. This is a single world where players can be very invested. Even just using GM tools to scout would be devastating to trust.
  3. Nisse


    Take some responsibility. You dont have to be a passive victim. You have many options. Leave Meduli, kill the people pushing you, push them back, make friends with them, bribe them, something. It’s a sandbox, open your horizons. Otherwise you’re just going to end up quitting if you expect either...
  4. Nisse

    Improve mining and woodcutting

    I enjoy thinking about resource gathering. I find the metal-making side relaxing and just about the right level of player involvement for me, as it alternates mining with refining. Refining has choices and trade offs to make. I’m not saying they are mysteries for the ages but they are decision...
  5. Nisse

    Improve mining and woodcutting

    Welcome to the “Improvement/Suggestions” sub-forum. This is where we make suggestions for improvements and changes to the game.
  6. Nisse

    Improve mining and woodcutting

    I feel like wood cutting could be improved to give more raw lumber per tick, which could then be processed further to poles or planks prior to use. It doesn’t really make sense that mining is so involved and detailed, and then wood cutting is just very slow ticks.
  7. Nisse


    Turn off criminal actions.
  8. Nisse

    To the joy of maniacs !

    The game teaches that law and its consequences come from the threat and application of power, and last precisely as long as that power is wielded.
  9. Nisse

    BTC -> SHELL

    Bakti Trading Company [BTC] has reformed as Shell Company [SHELL]. This change was made because we have new members whose primary business is not conducted in Bakti, and we’ve also refocused away from trading towards other business. So the old name no longer accurately represented the group. We...
  10. Nisse

    Melee tamer footfighter race?

    Thursar with a cougar.
  11. Nisse

    Refining question

    Every extraction combination of ore, catalyst and machine requires different ratios of ore to catalyst for maximum efficiency. This is not the same as the fixed refining ratios. If you get the extraction ratio wrong, you will have an inefficient extraction. If you get the refining ratio or...
  12. Nisse

    Skills - Warning List

    Swift riding definitely had a noticeable effect on stamina drain in beta. I haven’t unlocked it post-release.
  13. Nisse

    Tell Me About The World:

    Anyone who actually knows what’s going on is unlikely to reveal it. I would guess the most common item on many groups agendas is trying to integrate the swarms of new players who don’t understand the game, don’t understand what the politics can be like, don’t understand the consequences of the...
  14. Nisse

    Human clade Shamanistic with Archery problem, please help.

    Standing in a campfire can help. I did this for ten min yesterday when I accidentally went overweight.
  15. Nisse


    How do you do, fellow murderers?
  16. Nisse

    Skills - Warning List

    Domination - just a bad version of taming right now Beast influence - I need to test this but didn’t do anything in beta Kmock down resistance - knockdown doesn’t work Tapii lore - not ingame Papyrology - not ingame Kimurite lore - not ingame afaik Multiple zoology secondaries - not ingame
  17. Nisse

    What Cities/regions have large Anti RPK Guilds/Alliances?

    KoM guild is no more. I can also confirm from personal experience both Wardens and HoJ will take RPK claims seriously. You must give evidence though, otherwise they would have constant spurious claims made against their members. Bakti Trading Company can be considered a neutral trading only guild.
  18. Nisse

    What Continent Should we Get Next

    Sarducca is probably going to be the easiest to copy and therefore fastest, which would mean getting rid of at least some of the Myrland instances sooner. Not assets of course, but just the general layout and map design. I bet Henrik will do whatever it takes to reduce the instances. I would...
  19. Nisse

    Lets get positive

    i like this game because decisions have consequences, danger is always lurking, and theres always one more secret to explore. People remember you for good or bad, and you become part of the game and it’s history. Players and their relationships are everything, that’s the real endgame here...