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  1. Najwalaylah

    Error 520

    Seeing a lot of this today on the website-- if it had only been once or twice, wouldn't bother to post-- & it might not be news to you guys at Star Vault, but there you have it.
  2. Najwalaylah

    Spirit Boxes

    Screenshot from Henrik presented the models for the new (item) Spirit Boxes of various capacities. (For the Spiritism school of Magic.) You can buy or sell, trade, & loot them, and drop them on the ground separate from Loot Bags. -- Stuff Henrik Said I'd...
  3. Najwalaylah

    Soldeus | Works of Mercy

    This is part of the ancient canon of the Church of Soldeus in Nave. Authors were Malachi & Najwalaylah. It's oriented toward Practical Roleplay. In action, it takes the form of various things you can actually do in Mortal Online games. It's designed to be congruent with and ret-conned along...
  4. Najwalaylah

    The Mortal

    The Mortal by Najwalaylah as Casilda Flowers he picks, with picks he hews; And axe-work strengthens all his thews. He learns to jump and fall and land And sit and eat and rest and stand. He builds campfires, hunts for meat, Learns recipes for things to eat. If he would fight, for woe or weal...
  5. Najwalaylah


    This relates to the Crusader Corner Podcast video by Putzin on 9/3, featuring Henrik, Putzin, Nazori, Dalarius, and Rolufe at this point in the conversation: where a non-dropping starter weapon that could only kill MOBs and not players was discussed (with the idea of making it less easy to be...
  6. Najwalaylah

    [code] needs a new background

    I tried using ... tags around some, and it ended up on a very light grey background. The result was unreadable, for the parts that appeared in white text. (The example above is wrapped in the [.plain] tag, and doesn't give typical [.code] results.) [.icode] doesn't seem to have this problem.
  7. Najwalaylah

    Forum Signature Expansion

    The max. size of forum signature images is 500px wide by 200px high (same as usual), but even those signatures which have an image a little smaller than that seem to show only part of it-- estimating it at about 100 pixels in height that shows. The bottom (rest of the sig) is hidden by 'expand...
  8. Najwalaylah

    Video Rmoved (Guess Which One)

    Never had this exact thing happen before: ... TFW the video is removed in the time it takes to write a short comment. There's someone else's screenshot of a thumbnail of it, but I don't feel like constructing all the black bars it would take to make it not violate this forum's policies. Oh...