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    Guides and Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced Players | Wolfszeit

    As implicit in my comments elsewhere, I have only two questions: Can she sing? Can she cook?
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    Guides and Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced Players | Wolfszeit

    Haven't seen anything that stiff since my last visit to the Natural History Museum (in The Before Times).
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    Misuse of pets

    It's so simple that it just might work. Bonus: park them all in the same space.
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    How to improve banking

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    NSFW embarrassing screenshot.

    Looks potentially painful, if pixels could feel. Not really an issue, though. But, surely there's still a 'full frontal nudity toggle'? Which would mean, technically, that you could un-see it, going forward. ( Just you, not everyone else. But what do you care what others think? If you have a...
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    PvE Server

    I have to agree — even though I don't go for 'soy products'. Note: If you're eating beef that's fed on soy meal, cardboard, and other junk, I can't imagine it's too good for you, either.
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    Legendary Horse Death (RIP) Aftermath. Soldeus's rage against the criminal Shmerrick

    Of Soldeus it was often said, that surely He loved His Horses; and some have said that all Horses are His. He is no longer mortal, and may you ride him again when you are both like golden clouds on the wind.
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    Guano Model Scale Needs To Be Larger, Provide More Per Gather

    Extraneous detail: I think it was always guano that the umbilica was living in — as some kind of parasite. *Your* umbilicus, of course, is the 'cord' that once attached you, by the navel, to a placenta inside your mum. Unless you are a lizard person, but we won't go into that. It's not a body...
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    U like PvP?

    LOL So much for the theory that an armed society is a polite society.
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    PvE Server

    If they locked or deleted all threads discussing things that will never happen, they'd have to halve the forum content. Just saying.
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    Magic in this game and its issues

    You had me at this. I am still reading the rest.
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    Murderers and Consequences

    I read this as 'you should not be able to report your death as a murder unless it occurs within a sphere of influence of a faction', which speaks to a different issue and makes a kind of sense. Of course, SV is probably never going to decide that the game should work that way.
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    Murderers and Consequences

    That RL condition exists alongside permadeath. There's not going to be permadeath in Mortal Online, so any argument for not reporting murders not witnessed by a third party is not based in the MO 'reality'.
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    PvE Server

    In MO currently, I know of one lever that was public knowledge before it had a function. There are surely a (small) number of other items and locations about which one may speculate as to a future purpose. Will there ever be more things to figure out? We'll see. The early years of the first...
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    Add poop reaction in forums

    Since there's no 'Disagree' or 'Dislike' any longer, I think 'Poop' doesn't have a chance with Star Vault.
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    Games Vision

    I'm sorry. Please don't be offended. I've seen (through Speznat's video) you in action. You explain once. Then you explain twice. Then, when everyone who's capable of listening or willing to listen has heard you, you seem to (wisely) stop and go on. That's what I've described (in another...
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    Games Vision

    Make sense of this: More deva would not help. More QA might. I'm going to @Suttner my way out, now, and not bother to explain further.
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    It's got omissions. That's the kindest thing I can say about the patch.