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  1. Solairerection

    Change how weight for armour and character affect stats to allow for high-speed footcombat

    I would like to see a higher speed-bonus when going lean or underweight aswell as adding a speed-penalty when going over a certain armour-weight when you are lean or underweight. This could be tied to your strength aswell so lean mages aren't both fast and still somewhat tanky. It would make it...
  2. Solairerection

    Clade gifts not requiring leveling

    As title states I don't think clade gifts should be earned from leveling but rather be available from the start as a way to specialize your character. I understand that it can be used as a sense of progression but I think it's enough with leveling your attributes and skills aswell as replacing...
  3. Solairerection

    Overhaul Blocking

    I'd like to see a change in the current blocking system. Preferably one similar to the "old" system, but at the very least add some sort of blocking angle so you have to aim your block towards your opponent, rather than just match your block-direction with his swing-direction. It's much too...