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  1. Draug

    We need stamina for combat pets

    A lot of people are complaining about tamer being OP, and although I believe most of the comments are faulty, there is something wrong about pets being able to fight indefinitely. A horse can't run forever in game so why can a combat pet outrun, outfight and outlast a player who has to manage...
  2. Draug

    Give us the ability to teleport our pet to our current location

    One of the biggest issues with having a pet currently is pathfinding. Even when walking on foot it is extremely easy to lose you pet due to pathfinding or bugged terrain. Sometimes the only way to find your pet is to log out and in again so it spawns next to you. Here is a better solution: give...
  3. Draug

    SV Stock trading in NA

    Henrik has mentioned sharing a link for NA members to trade the Star Vault stock, but I have yet to see him do it, so here is one broker. Please add more if you know any that trades the SV stock outside Sweden.
  4. Draug

    Please allow spaces in guild names

    Spaces are not allowed in guild names currently, forcing most to use either abbreviations or with the entire name (with suffix and prefix) as a single word. I suggest allowing spaces in guild names to: Encourage guilds to use names instead of cryptic abbreviations. Allow better readability...
  5. Draug

    Lore section

    tl;dr: Give us a Lore section on the forum, separated from the RP, where we can collect discuss the official mythos. With no official wiki, and the lore of the first game spread all over the internet, I suggest the introduction of a lore section on these forums. The RP corner offers some...
  6. Draug


    Do anyone know if small scale agriculture is something discussed? Most other sandbox-games allow you have your own piece of land to grow crops on for alchemy/food, giving more value to your housing.