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  1. Vakirauta

    Bug tracker

    Please add bug tracker category on forums. Its sometimes better to visually show a bug than describing it in bug reports. Ppl not knowing english who want to help would also have option to do it by that.
  2. Vakirauta

    Few things about AI and stuff

    So the new AI seem to get stuck on the walls, endlessly running into them, sometimes running even through them. Its the thing to be changed aswell as their running speed and their startling distance - they are running slightly too fast and from too great distance of player. And the mercy mode...
  3. Vakirauta

    Drawing Contest!

  4. Vakirauta

    Discussion about starting locations for new players

    What do community think - are those starting places like garden in Tindrem or Haven with safe zones and tutorials for new players are need in MO2? Did those work in the old game? What are the pros and cons? Its not a suggestion, I don't even have my personal opinion because I didn't seen Haven...
  5. Vakirauta


    How about adding crouch? You can jump in your heavy armor but you can't crouch with it. It could be useful in some situations, like sneaking on someone or hiding before group of bad guys. And it might be good for immersion. What are your opinions?
  6. Vakirauta

    Town Maps

    Inspired by Resin and his thread on the old MO1 forums I'm creating my own with town maps for MO2. So here is Fabernum, the first one I've made. I will continue my work over time and post it here - how fast the new maps will be depends on the free time I have. I will also update them if anything...
  7. Vakirauta

    'vulnerable' structuses at chosen time

    How about make structures like keeps and houses vulnerable to attack at the specified time of day or chosen by the owner? It will let guilds to defend their assets and even attackers will have something from it - as far as I remember, most of the pvp guilds from MO1 was there just for fights...