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    Nerf Veela

    Wish one of the 7 people working on this game would work on some real balance rather than taking a glance at the race/population distribution (including roleplayers) and calling it good.
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    Fish encyclopedia

    RIP fishing. Was a fun couple months I guess
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    Fish encyclopedia

    Black Whiskerfish meat is worth 33gold a stack now. Ouch.
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    Can we buff fit/lean/skinny etc?

    Fat dex mages*. Bulging Sheevra to be specific
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    Can we buff fit/lean/skinny etc?

    I am also for mage centered bonuses being taken from fatter weight classes and loaded into lighter ones. Currently mages are drawn to playing fat builds because they offer the most mana and magic damage potential while also giving you more health. They could simply change Bulging to +5 INT +10...
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    Please lock Keeps until siege is in the game.

    Housing can be left out at launch and held off while they finish up TC and sieging mechanics then introduce it all at the same time. Seems the most fair thing they could do for the players.
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    Fish encyclopedia

    I did play MO1 but as a casual. I never touched fishing back then. I understand it took a long time to discover these things but most of what you mentioned is publicly shared information now. Anyone can easily find out how to extract/refine any known resources, learn baseline alchemy, what...
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    Fish encyclopedia

    I don't think there's anything wrong with sharing information about a craft. It's bad enough that there are MO1 players who know everything about it already so it's hardly a fair advantage going into launch with so much profit potential. Let me ask you this: Do areas overfished by too many...
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    The Good Idea Fairy

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    Taming and Animal Care (As they are now) Should be Crafting Skills

    After almost a year the topic of domestication skill bloat arises again.. The default argument is that domestication has a mountain of primary investment because using pets in combat is not player skill related enough to justify its immense power. I'm sure that we would all love to see more...
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    compilation: new players early experience frustrations

    They could raise DEX to ~75 at creation and put a lock on it being lowered, with a informative message if you unlock it. Also agree with movement skills being somewhat leveled off the rip.
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    Beta Patch Notes Discussion

    Down with the fat mages.
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    Utility Spiritism Spell Idea: Spirit Lantern

    Better if they just move Light Orb from Elementalism to Ecumenical. It's not a elemental spell as far as I can tell. Also like the idea of a spirit lantern so maybe when they get around to adding these "belt lanterns" they could allow for a spirit box to be equipped in the same way. How filled...
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    NPC Aggro

    Sounds like from today's stream there are some "tools" coming to manage aggro. There is yet hope!
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    NPC Aggro

    For a game with no crowd control having no way to manage aggro as a mage is terrible. If a powerful enemy decides it wants to kill you there's nothing you can do to break that focus. how is this "advanced AI"? New players trying this game with their friends will die to what appears to them to be...