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    Separate durabilities: Handle - Head

    why though? I love 150 dura cronite spears xDD Makes it feel so valuable when i can do 2 duells with it and then throw it away <.<
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    Piercing overhead for daggers?

    yes for spears too pls, thx
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    Quad vs Wigs

    GF, the Lafrance guys seemed to be participating when the fight started and was at kran but left after the fight turned away from the town. Till that point neither side seemed to have any losses. At the end i think it was just quad + 1 LC and wigs. Not 100% sure ofc. Was a really fun fight...
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    Wardens KOS

    Oh noes! I accept 1v1 challenges :3
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    Getting beta access and such

    Roughly 35 GB* download^^ 70ish GB when its installed :D
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    Please can someone clarify this ..

    yes of course^^ At the moment the game is x100 skillgain for testing purposes. Would be pretty unfair when people on persistent release are 100 times slower in their skill gain wouldnt it?
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    Mortal Online Map

    Great work and thank you^^
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    New players need more speed.

    50 free skill points in all atheletic related skills pls
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    A Statement on Our Separation From AC

    to civil... to little drama..... thats not mortal :(
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    What Kind of Walls For Non-Keep Guilds?

    A city pallisade doesnt have to be as strong as in mo1 though. It can be a makeshift wooden wall that can be destroyed by 5-6 determined players in 20-30 mins that want to raid it. In mo1 you kinda had to bring a manganon and boulders to trash a shitty wall... but maybe in mo2 you can do it...
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    Make PvP consensual

    i think "haven" the starting island has that option, while offering not the "full" game it might give what you ask for to the people that need/want it.
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    What Kind of Walls For Non-Keep Guilds?

    wooden walls with amount limited based on guild size, -20 ppl to build a small wooden palisade with 1 gate around your village sounds reasonable imo. -I mean its not mo1 anymore with a gazillion alt accounts to fill guild member numbers. -Eliminating killboxes should do alot interms of keeps and...
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    To help ensure the success of the game would you...?

    Hello iam a new player somebody sponsor me plx xoxo
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    New Test City Poll

    I vote jungle